DeMStack will design, manufacture and test under variable conditions a highly efficient, low-cost HT PEMFC 1 kW stack prototype constructed from the optimized components. A fuel processor will also be constructed, operating on natural gas or LPG, which will be combined and integrated with the fuel cell stack. The robustness of the stack, the simplicity of BoP, the operational stability and the user friendly operation of the integrated system into a commercially reliable product, will be demonstrated.


The “product” of the DeMStack project will be a HT PEMFC prototype stack integrated with a fuel processor with the following operating features:

Fuel cell Stack

  1. Fuel Cell Stack Power output of 1 kW operating on reformates with electrical efficiency exceeding 45% and operating temperature 180oC.
  2. Operation over a wide range of reformates, (H2=50-100%, CO = 0-4%, steam = 0-30%).
  3. Overall cost reduction by a factor of 2 resulting by the significant reduction of the MEA’s cost due to the lower Pt loading and the cheaper membranes.

Integrated system

  1. Power output 0.9 kW with electrical efficiency >38%.
  2. Operation under steady state and dynamic conditions within a wide range of power output (0.5-0.9kW).